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Hiring a wedding planner also makes planning your big day so much more enjoyable. While you’re at work or simply going about your day, Knot Your Wedding is hard at work for you.

Think of how nice it will be to be a guest at your own wedding : )
Before selecting a wedding planner, We have prepared a checklist of possible questions that we understand you may have and encourage you to read them before choosing a wedding planner. We have used our experience in wedding planning to answer some of them for you:

1) How do I identify a good wedding planner
The wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life in any culture around the globe. A good wedding planner is one who is sensitive towards the needs of your family, understands your vision and has the ability to convert that vision into a dream come true event for you. They should have adequate resources at their disposal, the connections with the finest and most reliable vendors and the most hard working team whose main goal is to keep the event memorable for the families involved. Most importantly the family should feel extremely comfortable with the wedding planner and find the trust and confidence in them to conduct the events that are so personal to them. A good wedding planner is one who is sensitive towards these emotions and can work towards creating those lifelong memories by making the whole process seamless and stress free for the family.

2) What kind of packages do you offer?
Our involvement with the families is on a very personal basis. We do not offer packages because we feel every family’s requirement is unique and special. Therefore after understanding their needs we create a customized plan that works for them. We would much rather ask our clients what they need from us than hand them a predetermined checklist of services that leaves them with limited choices.

3) What responsibility would you take up?
We can take as much or as little responsibility as desired by our clients. Our expertise and experience lies in conducting every aspect of the wedding. From offering delectable cuisine to choosing spectacular venues or creating enthralling entertainment to designing stunning stage and floral decorations or taking impressive video and photography to mood photography, we can effortlessly lead our clients through the entire array of services that makes a wedding a resounding success.

4) Do you work with preferred vendors or do comparison-shopping?

The requirement of every wedding is reflective of their family customs and traditions. Hence we plan our vendor selections based on those needs. Our industry wide contacts come in handy during this time and comparison-shopping in the best interest of our clients is conducted.

5) If I have hired the vendors do I still need a wedding planner?
Hiring vendors is just one part of the wedding and having a vendor arriving on time and in the right attire is a greater challenge. There are many aspects of a wedding that need attention. Having a single point of coordination with every aspect of the wedding makes the whole process smooth and tension free. A wedding planner can do just that.

6 ) Do you help in the budgeting process?
While we help our clients understand the costs involved in engaging in different wedding activities, we respect the budget the family has and work with them to keep the costs under control.

7) At what stage do you get involved?
Ideally we should be involved from the very first stage of planning a wedding. It makes the coordination and control of all activities more seamless. However we have also been involved in the midst of the planned wedding and can be as helpful to our clients. We help families from the time of the engagement ceremony to creating invitations, designing stage & decorations, helping the bride with her make up and couture selection, sangeet, mehandi, addressing special traditional customs, guest handling, logistics, catering, video and photography, honeymoon travels and any special requirements the bride and groom may have to make their dream day special.

8) How do you charge for your services?
Since we create only customized plans based on each family’s unique requirement, our fees also depend entirely on that. We strive to give our best services at the highest value to our clients.

9) What makes you different from others?

Our involvement with the family and being their friend, guide and leading hand during a very stressful but very important milestone of their life is our highest reward. For us this is not just a job but also a commitment in making dreams come true. We have a very hard working team and reliable vendor connections that make us strive for the flawless execution of the wedding with the sole purpose of fulfilling your dreams.

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